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Panamax M8AVPRO

Surge protector/line conditioner with LAN connectivity

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Panamax M8-AV-PRO Perhaps your most important A/V component: The Panamax M8-AV-PRO surge protector and line conditioner combines Automatic Voltage Monitoring and Protect or Disconnect circuitry to protect your equipment from dangerous power surges. The M8-AV-PRO offers protection for eight AC outlets, two coaxial in/out pairs, and two phone/ethernet jacks, insulating home A/V components, satellite and cable inputs, and phone and ethernet connections. Further, premium noise filtration helps ensure high-fidelity signal transmission.

What's included in the box

  • Surge protector with attached 8.25' power cord (terminated by a right-angle 3-prong AC plug)
  • 42" Coax (RG-59) cable (terminated by screw-on F-type connectors)
  • 3 Mounting screws
  • 3 Drywall anchors
  • 3 Spacer eyelets
  • Installation Instructions (En/Fr/Sp)
  • Warranty and Connected Equipment Policy Information

Maybe the last, but not the least

Chances are, you were impressed — if not dazzled — by some of the features offered by your new flat-panel HDTV. Picture quality aside, however, you enjoyed learning that your $1,500+ investment offered a panel life somewhere between 60,000 and 100,000 hours. In other words, you could expect to enjoy clear, sharp, detailed HD viewing for somewhere between 32 and 54 years at 5 hours of viewing per day. However, there are forces in this world that are out to sabotage your new home theater, and not just your HDTV, but everything from your receiver to your telephone. What are these dark and insidious foes? Answer: power surges. While they look sturdy on the outside, on the inside all electronic devices are constructed of delicate electronic components — parts that can be easily damaged by power irregularities. Luckily, any risk of damage can be easily avoided by regulating the power source fueling your home theater. Here's where the M8-AV-PRO surge protector and line conditioner enters the equation . . . the last, but maybe the most important investment you'll make.

Stop surges dead in their tracks

Power irregularities like electrical surges damage home A/V devices when they come into contact with those devices' internal components. Preventing damage is as simple as stopping surges before they reach your components . . . as simple as the M8-AV-PRO from Panamax. Combining Automatic Voltage Monitoring and Protect or Disconnect circuitry, the M8-AV-PRO brings your home theater an advanced level of power-surge protection. Automatic Voltage Monitoring (AVM) circuitry continuously monitors the incoming line voltage. As soon as a power irregularity is detected, Protect and Disconnect technology instantly and automatically disconnects your equipment from the power source, impeding any infiltration. Further, once AVM technology detects that the incoming voltage has returned to safe levels, it reconnects equipment to the power source. Achieve advanced protection for your investments.

No matter the source

Now, surges don't just attack your devices using power cables. Power irregularities can enter and damage components via other connections like cable/satellite cables, telephone lines, and ethernet cables. Thanks to its diverse array of connections, the M8-AV-PRO protects a wide range of devices. Eight AC outlets protect everything from your HDTV to your DVD player, two coaxial input/output pairs protect cable and satellite boxes, and two telephone/ethernet jacks protect devices like telephones, computers, and home networks.

Beyond protection

While power surges present a serious threat of damage to home A/V components, there's another home-theater enemy, one that preys on your system's level of performance. As you might imagine, all home A/V components use electricity to operate, both in the form of power input and as audio and video signals. Unfortunately, the electricity that enters your home often has some degree of "noise", or interference. Accordingly, when that electricity is used to power your home theater, its natural interference disrupts A/V signal quality, possibly causing a loss of overall detail in audio or video signals. Ensuring that your home theater experience is fueled by clean, low-noise power, the M8-AV-PRO offers premium noise filtration, removing electrical interference and helping to deliver high-fidelity audio and video signals. As an added measure, the M8-AV-PRO's four AC outlets are divided into two banks, eliminating cross-interference within the unit itself.

Included with purchase

The following items are included with the purchase of the Panamax M8-AV-PRO: One 3' coaxial cable and one set of mounting brackets.


Comparison Specifications

  • Premium power filtration
  • Cable and satellite surge protection (2 coaxial input/output pairs)
  • Telephone-line/ethernet surge protection (2 Telco/RJ-45 LAN connectors)
  • Automatic voltage monitoring (AVM)
  • 12-Volt trigger
  • Protect or Disconnect surge-protection circuitry / Patented power-management circuit
  • 8 power outlets
  • High definition ready

Additional Specifications

  • AC power specifications: Auto-resetting overvoltage/undervoltage shutoff: 144V±8V / 90V±6V
  • AC power (continued): Line voltage: 120VAC, 50/60Hz / Initial clamping level: 200V peak, 141V RMS / Voltage-protection rating: 500V
  • AC Power (continued): Protection modes: L-N, L-G, N-G / Maximum current rating: 15A (1800W) / Single-pulse energy dissipation: 1875 Joules
  • AC power (continued): Peak impulse current: 65,000 A / EMI/RFI noise filtration: 53dB / Filter circuits: 1 common mode, 1 normal mode, 1 high-current inductor less
  • AC power (continued): Filtered outlet banks: 53 dB / High-current outlets: 50 dB
  • Additional specifications (AC): Thermal fusing / UL 991 / 2 isolated outlet banks / Less than 1n response time
  • LAN protection specifications: Compatibility: 10/100bT / Clamping level: 7V / Connector: RJ-45, shared with Telco
  • LAN protection (continued): Wires protected: Pins 1,2,3, and 6 / Suppression modes: Differential and Common ground
  • Telco protection specifications: Fuseless/auto-resetting: Yes / Clamping level: 260V / Capacitance: 30 pf
  • Telco protection (continued): Suppression modes: Metallic and Longitudinal / Wires protected: 2 wire, 1 pair / Connectors: RJ-45, shared with LAN

Manufacturer Specifications

  • Universal Coaxial protection specifications: HD ready: Yes / Shielded: Yes / Clamping level: 75V
  • Coaxial protection (continued): Frequency range: 5MHz - 2.2GHz / Insertion loss: <0.5dB / Connectors: Gold-plated, female "F" connections
  • Coaxial protection (continued): Bi-directional: Yes

Dimensional Specifications

  • Dimensions: 5.00" W x 1.75" H x 12.00" D
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs

Product Wiki

Extended Warranty


Panamax warrants to the purchaser of any standard Panamax surge protector that the surge protector shall be free of defects in design, material, or workmanship, and Panamax will repair or replace any defective unit.

Panamax products purchased through the Internet do not carry a valid Connected Equipment Protection Policy unless purchased from an Authorized Panamax Internet Dealer! Authorized Panamax Internet Dealers have sufficient expertise to insure warranty compliant installations.



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