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What is RCA connector ?

The RCA connector was designed by RCA, or the Radio Corporation of America, in the 1940s to connect phonographs to amplifiers. The RCA connector has been the standard for home stereo interconnects for a very, very long time. An RCA connector is a plug and a jack designed for use with coaxial cable for frequencies ranging from the very lowest up to several megahertz. An RCA connector is sometimes known as a phono plug and jack. This type of connector is used as the termination on cables used for composite and component video, coaxial digital audio, stereo audio, and subwoofers and has numerous other applications as well. The basic RCA connector consists of a central male plug surrounded by a ring which acts as a ground for the connection.

RCA Connector Basics

Female to female RCA connector connects two male RCA cables. To utilize an RCA connector, you simply match the color-coded “male” connector, which is the cable itself, into the color-coded jack. Cinch Connectors (RCA connectors) have a chuck that ensures the optimization of contact.

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