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What is Upscaling ?

Upscaling/Upconverting DVD players contain a scaler, which allows the user to convert lower resolution content into a signal that the display device will handle as high definition content. Depending on the quality of the scaling that is done within the upscaling/upconverting DVD player, the resulting output quality of the video displayed will be improved but not to that of native high definition standards.

How to Upscale DVD Player

Another way to check the difference between the scaler in an upscaling DVD player, or other component, and the scaler in an HDTV is to set the DVD player (or other component) to standard 480i or 480p and see how it looks on your HDTV. Then, set your DVD player to 720p, 1080i, or 1080p and see, again, how it looks on your HDTV. If the former looks better, then the HDTV has a better scaler than the DVD player

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