"Recognized No.1 Custom Retailer In The U.S.A." - by CE Pro

Our Expertise

At MODIA, living well isn't about how much we spend on the things we enjoy...
it's about how much we actually enjoy them.

From a simple flat panel installation above the fireplace to a fully integrated Home Automation or Media Room Systems,
MODIA's team members are experts at individually tailoring the right system to your unique requirements.

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MODIA isn't just a store. It's a lifestyle

For almost 3 decades, MODIA has been the premier destination in Texas for the design and installation of the best in audio/video systems. Founded & led by Mihir Mody, and located in Houston, Dallas & Austin, the business has garnered over half a million loyal customers who swear by the MODIA brand of quality products and exclusive white glove service.

At MODIA, living well isn’t about how much we spend on the things we enjoy - it’s about how much we actually enjoy them. We believe there’s as much emotion as science in that equation. Our passion is to use our ingenuity, patented installation solutions, proprietary media furniture and extraordinary HDTV and audio products to create the kind of smart, comfortable and stunning living space that aesthetically matches the decor in a home. Quite simply, we endeavor to enrich the lives of our clients. We specialize in designing and installing the best high end home theater and home automation systems, with best-in-class customer service.

We are among the most recognized retailers in the country. MODIA was awarded the #1 Custom Retailer award in electronics in 2007, and since then it has retained its position among the top five independent custom retailers in North America. MODIA has been recognized among the top 100 firms for the highest retail electronics revenue in the country multiple times in the last decade including 2013. Most recently MODIA was awarded the Retail Excellence Award by DealerScope magazine in August 2014, and won a similar award from TWICE magazine in 2012.

Modia is indeed a movie and music lover’s paradise, a true home entertainment specialist with expert staff and the top brand names, like Bowers & Wilkins, McIntosh, Classe, Rotel, Yamaha, and many more. Visit our showrooms or shop here on line, and experience the Modia difference.

"Our passion is helping you find the right aesthetic as well as the right equipment."


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