Bowers & Wilkins WM6BK Outdoor Speaker

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The B&W WM6 is the largest of the weatherproof range and incorporates the famous Nautilus tube-loaded tweeter. The speaker is supplied with a wall bracket and is available in Black or White.

Given that almost everything is more enjoyable when it's done outdoors (in the right weather), it's a sorry state of affairs when rooms and cars are the only places we can enjoy fine reproduction of great music. Music outdoors need not mean extension leads, overstretched boomboxes and overpowered eardrums. B&W, one of the world's leading innovators in loudspeaker technology, has created a range of compact, hard-wearing weather monitors (WMs) that bring B&W's characteristic clarity and depth of sound to gardens, terraces, balconies, or poolside. 

The larger cabinet of the Bowers & Wilkins WM6 houses a 160mm (6 in) woven fibreglass cone and a audiophile Nautilus tube-loaded metal dome tweeter. The cabinet uses corrosion proof hard wearing materials and an innovative 'J port' which permits properly extended bass performance yet prevents water ingress. With an integral wall bracket that allows adjustment in both vertical and horizontal planes, the B&W WM6 is a versatile solution for outdoor applications requiring a more extended bass response and higher output.

The B&W WM6 weatherproof monitors are tough on the outside and tender on the music. All three B&W WM models feature technologies drawn from years of pioneering loudspeaker development. Bass/midrange cones are made from woven glass-fibre to minimise unwanted resonances. Tweeters are based on that of the revolutionary Nautilus™ loudspeaker for extended treble and a crisp stereo image across a surprisingly wide listening area. So hook up some WMs, take the remote control somewhere it's never been before, and experience your favourite sounds in the fresh air.

Choose from three WM models: The contemporary style of the Bowers & Wilkins WM 2 offers high performance from a compact design. Increased volume and bass performance is offered by the WM 6. Audiophile performance treble is offered by the Nautilus™ tube tweeter technology in the WM 4 and WM 6, while more flexible mountings are also provided on these models.

The B&W WM6 speakers will supply the sound-track to your summer, year after year - no matter how inharmonious the weather gets in between. The hard-wearing polypropylene housings - with their gel-like trim - offer a stylish, weatherproof shell for the audiophile-standard components within. Behind the grille, on each model, an angled port prevents rainwater from entering the unit, while the strong high-quality wall-mountings are designed to resist corrosion. All this water-resistance means WMs can provide the accompaniment to certain indoor pursuits, too. In bathrooms, indoor pools, even saunas, moisture just rolls off them while the sounds roll out.

While the B&W WM 2 features a flat bracket with keyhole fixings for either horizontal or vertical mounting, the B&W WM 4 and larger WM 6 benefit from a bracket that provides two axis of movement. This might, for instance, simultaneously allow for angling horizontally on an outside wall while also tilting the speaker down towards your deck.

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Product NameBowers & Wilkins WM6BK Outdoor Speaker
  • Frequency Response at 3dB
72Hz - 20kHz
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm
  • Recommended Amp Power
25 - 90 Watts
  • HF Driver
1" Nautilus Tube Loaded
  • LF Driver
6.55" Woven Fibreglass
  • Enclosure Type
2 Way Vented Box System
  • Nominal Impedance
8 Ohms
  • Sensitivity
  • Frequency range
-6dB @60Hz and 30kHz
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