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The Powerplay was Escient's first system to manage DVD and CD collections. It has now been replaced by the DVDM-100

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Product Name Escient PowerPlay DVD changer
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The DVD/CD changer rocks. These changers are no longer produced by Escient, but have been spun off and are now under the Powerfile name. I think this changer is what used to be called a Powerfile C200S Solo, but not positive. It has a solid metal face with real buttons, not the colored plastic of the new Powerfiles. These must be the best changers on the planet. Strong carousel mechanism. It makes loading and unloading discs easy. The display on the changer gives you slot number and title. Hit eject, and it find the disc and ejects it. Click load, insert the disc, and it grabs it and puts it in a slot. Keeps your discs dust free and protected. Makes those Sony changers look like cheap junk. 
- Changer lets you mix and match CDs and DVDs. Good if you have a small collection. 
- You can connect multiple changers together to support over 1200 DVDs. 
- User interface lets you view your collection by covers, titles, and genres. 
- DVD and CD information is grabbed from the internet. You provide the phone line, and Escient provides the internet connectivity free of charge and performs any look ups you need. 
- The Music management functions are minimal. You can view and categorize your CDs. But the functionality supported is less than you get in the Fireball units. Just basic functions. 
- Escient gets music and movie information just like iTunes. It correctly identified and cataloged 100% of my DVD collection of standard Hollywood movies. The hit rate for non standard DVDs, like those provided with CDs in combinations (like the Eagles Best Of package) was very low. The Powerplay provides a great set of screens that allow you to fully document a DVD not in their database and scan your own cover art, if needed. 
- No digital media management here. You need all discs in the changer. The harddrive has the operating system and the CD/DVD database only. 

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