Linn Sizmik 10.25 Subwoofer LED display High Pass & Low Pass

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Product Name Linn Sizmik 10.25 Subwoofer LED display High Pass & Low Pass
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Manufacturer LINN

The Linn Sizmik 10.25 is no mere subwoofer, it’s a bass reinforcement loudspeaker! The difference in description may appear to be a subtle one but experience the Linn Sizmik for yourself and you will appreciate the difference immediately. 

The job of the Linn Sizmik is to enhance the audio performance of your system by accurately reproducing the low-frequency sounds beyond the capability of the amplifier and loudspeakers. Where a subwoofer simply provides large quantities of bass to dominate the home-theatre experience, Linn design and manufacture bass reinforcement loudspeakers to enhance system performance. 

Linn Sizmik will accurately and tunefully reproduce low-frequency sounds to perfectly complement the other speakers in your system and you can hear exactly how quality matters more than quantity in high-performance home-theatre system. It does this by being engineered to a level above that of others. This ensures the playback is perfectly linear and undistorted, capable of reproducing complex low frequency sounds and an astonishing frequency response. Setup is accurately controlled to ensure exact calibration by a cleverly designed configuration system. You can adjust high and low pass (crossover) filters, phase, and bass response settings to tailor the Sizmik's performance to integrate your room and system. 

Featuring a large 254mm (10") extensive-throw driver, driven by a 500 watt Chakra power amp fitted into a smart real-wood veneer re-enforced cabinet available in a range of beautiful finishes, it will perfectly complement your system and room. 

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