Atlona ATVGA12A 1 X 2 VGA Distribution Amplifier

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The Atlona Technologies AT-VGA12A is a great solution when uninterrupted video is required. The multiple power solutions give the user security of having backup power in case of an emergency. This Distribution amplifier can also out put video in high resolutions up to 2k (2048 x 1536) for displaying content in standard or high resolutions.
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Product Name Atlona ATVGA12A 1 X 2 VGA Distribution Amplifier
Product Code ATVGA12A
MSRP Price 179.99
Manufacturer ATLONA
Key Features: Self powered (via VGA Cable), power supply is only required for 2k resolutions to be displayed through all 2 outputs Optional USB power Plug & Play – no drivers or software required Connects up to 2 VGA displays with stereo audio Supports VGA 2k resolutions up to 2048 x 1536@60/70/85Hz Stereo audio via 3.5m audio Easy installation Brackets included for mounting Perfect for Commercial or Government applications
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