Rockustics Rock Rocky Too speaker

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With regard to sound flawlessness, Rockustics investigates every possibility. Rockustics speakers are a consequence of requesting plan determinations, accomplished through a blend of non-equal fenced-in area dividers that limit unnatural resonances, high recurrence lift for greatest scattering in the outside and expertly planned hybrids and segments.

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Product Name Rockustics Rock Rocky Too speaker
Marketplace_Price $569.00
MSRP Price 569.00
Manufacturer ROCKUSTICS
Impedance (Ohms) 4
Cutout Diameter 6" to 6.99"
Special Features Rock Speaker
Powered System Yes
Mid-range Driver mid/woofer driver
Speaker Type Rock Speaker
Recommended Amplifier Power 100 Watt
Frequency Response 69 - 19000 Hz
Connection Type Wired

The speaker that began the whole outside classification, the first Rocky Jr. was granted the primary US patent for outside speakers. Our refreshed variant has 100 watts of intensity taking care of joined with a 6.5" woofer and 1" tweeter, making it ideal for use in enormous open air settings. The Rocky Jr. has an endured volcanic rock plan. A discretionary 64W transformer is accessible for use in 70W frameworks.

Completely weatherproof and blur safe, Rockustics rock speakers carry better sound quality than your outside spaces while giving a super reasonable look and feel. Developed with the look and haul of genuine rocks, each Rockustics rock speaker uses an exclusive gum blended in with marble dust and finishing specialists formed into a solid, thick lodging.

Carefully assembled in the USA, Rockustics items are made out of a restrictive polymer composite material enhanced with an elastomer compound, marble dust and finishing operators to give remarkable sturdiness and practical look and feel. In contrast to most open air speakers, Rockustics speakers have the shading impregnated in the tar shell. This implies regardless of whether a stone s surface becomes chipped, you won t see a dim or white scar. The impregnated sap likewise implies they climate normally, much like a genuine stone (otherwise called "patina"), rather than simply blurring.

Rockustics speakers are completely weatherproof, so they don't need to be moved inside throughout the winter or in turbulent conditions. Rockustics can be forgotten about all year and can withstand generally climate and atmospheres. One client revealed that his Rockustics speakers worked even in the wake of being covered in a ten-foot landslide! They are rust proof and wont fall apart in damp or pungent beach front situations. From outside bistros to lodging patios and amusement parks, Rockustics nature-enlivened, weatherproof plans will guarantee you can Rock On! throughout the entire year.

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