Samsung Neo QN85B series QLED 4K Smart TV (2022)

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SKU Samsung Neo QN85B series QLED 4K Smart TV (2022)

Watch up to two things immediately on your TV, remembering what's for your cell phone. Whether it's live details for the games you're watching or cheat recordings while you play a game, see them generally at the same time on the big screen.
See your number one substance upscaled to astounding 4K goal with the savvy AI-based processor. Scene by scene, the Neo Quantum Processor 4K purposes profound figuring out how to examine your substance and streamline it with 4K upscaling.

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Product Name Samsung Neo QN85B series QLED 4K Smart TV (2022)
Manufacturer Samsung

Splendid subtleties sparkle even in sunlight with Quantum Matrix Technology. Fueled by a tremendous matrix of super exact Quantum Mini LEDs made for Samsung Neo QLED 4K, individual light zones are painstakingly controlled to make staggering shading and difference on this Mini LED TV.
Be encompassed by the tremendous realistic encompass sound of Dolby Atmos fabricated right in. From decisively positioned speakers behind the screen you'll hear the escape vehicle drive from one side to the next, the flighter fly upward, and the downpour falling around you.
Bring down game slack, tearing and faltering with your TV and control center collaborating. FreeSync Premium Pro assists you play at max execution with low dormancy for a smooth gaming experience, in addition to HDR visuals.

Settle on video decisions with up to 32 individuals from the Google Duo application on your TV. For work or play, it's more straightforward to accept calls from your home on the big screen with great picture and sound.

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