Moon By Simaudio 760A Power Amplifier

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SKU Moon By Simaudio 760A Power Amplifier
  • Our “no overall feedback” amplifier circuit design which results in the following: real-time amplification; more accurate musical reproduction with respect to tonality; non-existent transient intermodulation distortion; the elimination of common phase errors resulting from feedback.

  • An oversized dual-mono power supply using a custom proprietary toroidal transformer design.

  • “Class A” power output to 5 watts for greater efficiency.

  • Full unsolicited RS-232 bidirectional feedback and 12 Volt trigger input/output for remote operation.

  • Self-diagnostic system that detects both over-heating and the presence of DC in the input signal.

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Product Name Moon By Simaudio 760A Power Amplifier
Manufacturer Samsung
Width 18.75
Height 4.0
Product Depth 18.1

Configuration highlights

Our "no general feedback" amplifier circuit structure which results in the following: real-time intensification; more precise melodic generation as for resonance; non-existent transient intermodulation bending; the end of normal stage blunders coming about because of input.

A larger than usual double mono force gracefully utilizing a custom restrictive toroidal transformer structure.

"Class A" power yield to 5 watts for more noteworthy effectiveness.

Full spontaneous RS-232 bidirectional criticism and 12 Volt trigger information/yield for distant activity.

Self-symptomatic framework that distinguishes both over-warming and the nearness of DC in the information signal.

The accompanying frill ought to be incorporated inside the container with your power enhancer:

Air conditioning power link

Proprietor's manual

Guarantee and item enrollment data (USA and Canada as it were)

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