Crestron ATC-AMFM2 Dual AM/FM Radio Tuner Card

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The ATC-AMFM2 tuner card is designed for use with the Crestron CEN-TRACK TunerRack Modular Multi-Tuner, and with Adagio® systems that features tuner card slots. The ATC-AMFM2 provides two (2) fully independent AM/FM tuners on a single card.

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Product NameCrestron ATC-AMFM2 Dual AM/FM Radio Tuner Card
Product CodeATCAMFM2
MSRP Price650.00
  Maximum Output 1 Vrms @ 1kHz
FM Tuner (Typical of 2)
  Frequency Range 87.50 to 108 MHz (50 or 100 kHz steps)
  Usable Sensitivity 11 dBf mono;
60 dBf stereo
  S/N Ratio 64 dB @ 65 dBf mono;
56 dB @ 65 dBf stereo
  IF Rejection 100 dB 
  AM Rejection 55 dB
  Stereo Separation 27 dB
AM Tuner (Typical of 2)
  Frequency Range 530 to 1710 kHz (9 or 10 kHz steps)
  Sensitivity 3.5 µV (RF input level 10 dB S+N/N) 
  Selectivity 10 kHz 
  Alternate Channel Selectivity 55 dB
  Image Rejection 35 dB
  IF Rejection 60 dB
  FM ANT (A – B) (2) IEC 169-2 coaxial (IEC-to-F adapters included);
(2) FM wire antennas included;
Impedance: 75 Ohms
  AM ANT (A – B) (2) 2-pin spring-loaded terminals;
(2) AM shielded loop antennas included;
Impedance: 50 Ohms
  9.84 oz (279 g)
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