Bluesound Pulse SOUNDBAR+ Wireless Multi-Room Smart Soundbar with Bluetooth

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The PULSE SOUNDBAR+ is the ultimate audiophile-grade soundbar for all your home entertainment needs. Connect to music, movies, concerts, and games to create an audio experience that is as crisp and engaging as your 8K video. More than its name implies the PULSE SOUNDBAR+ is a system solution that replaces the need for bulky AVRs. Designed to fit perfectly under HD TVs, the PULSE SOUNDBAR+ offers a fully immersive sonic experience. With an innovative virtual Dolby Atmos implementation, find yourself in the recording studio or in the middle of the action, with every sound precisely positioned around you. Experience a wider, higher, and more enveloping soundstage from the PULSE SOUNDBAR+.

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Product Name Bluesound Pulse SOUNDBAR+ Wireless Multi-Room Smart Soundbar with Bluetooth
Manufacturer BlueSound

The PULSE SOUNDBAR+ features an all-new quad-core processor designed specifically to deliver audio at ultra-fast speeds with the highest quality. A revolutionary breakthrough, Bluesound’s new flagship processing system is the next evolution in the BluOS experience. With four processor cores dedicated to ultimate performance, it’s a chipset designed for the world of music streaming. It is set to transform home audio more than ever before, bringing BluOS and its highly efficient ARM-based platform to a whole new level.

Experience Dolby Atmos with the PULSE SOUNDBAR+ and feel like you are in a three-dimensional space with every sound positioned precisely around you for a larger-than-life, cinematic theater feel in the comfort of your home. Personalize your own soundstage with four listening profiles and surround sound virtualization on the PULSE SOUNDBAR+ including Movie, Music, Late Night and Off to gain full control the Dolby Atmos integrated settings.

Discover a world of streaming and experience all the music ever recorded in high-fidelity. Stream it all, no matter where it lives with BluOS. Enjoy all your favorite songs, podcasts, and radio stations with support for popular music streaming services and access to all of their catalogues. Sync with personal music libraries via WiFi and connect up to 200,000 tracks in lossless quality. Experience the studio-quality sound of MQA music on Tidal, or connect and stream favorites with Apple AirPlay 2 and aptX HD Bluetooth.

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