Bowers&Wilkins CCM7.3S2 In-Ceiling Speaker

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Intended for divider mounted left, focus and right speaker positions in a prudent home film framework, CWM7.4 S2 can likewise be mounted adjacent to, above or beneath the screen, guaranteeing completely clear discourse and sensational embellishments. On account of Bowers and Wilkins one of a kind QuickDogs™ fixing technique, establishment is basic, requiring no instruments. Its 2.5-way setup includes a solitary Carbon Dome tweeter, twin 100mm (4in) Continuum cone midrange units and twin 100mm (4in) Aramid Fiber/paper bass cones.

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Product Name Bowers&Wilkins CCM7.3S2 In-Ceiling Speaker
Marketplace_Price $2,100.00
Product Code CCM73S2
MSRP Price 2100.00
Shipping Weight 20

Specialized Specifications

Specialized highlights Carbon Dome tweeter

Continuum cone FST midrange

Aerofoil profile bass cones

Depiction 3-route in-roof framework

Drive units 1x ø25mm (1in) Carbon Dome high-recurrence

1x ø100mm (4in) Continuum cone FST midrange

2x ø130mm (5in) Aerofoil profile bass

Recurrence extend (- 6dB) - 6dB at 52Hz and 33kHz

Recurrence Response - 3dB 55Hz - 28kHz ±3dB

Affectability 90dB spl (2.83Vrms, 1m)

Symphonious mutilation second and third music (90dB, 1m)

<1% 90Hz - 33kHz

<0.5% 120Hz - 33kHz

Ostensible impedance 8ω (least 3.1ω)

Suggested speaker power 25W - 200W into 8ω on unclipped program

Casing tallness 355mm (14in)

Casing width 355mm (14in)

Profundity 194.5mm (7.66in)

Cut-out tallness 332mm (13.1in)

Cut-out width 332mm (13.1in)

Cut-out tallness w/PMK 335mm (13.2in)

Cut-out width w/PMK 335mm (13.2in)

Projection 8mm (0.3in)


Net weight 9kg (19.84lb) Inc extras

Completions Back box: White

Grille: White

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