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Designed for down-firing, in-ceiling use, CCM7.5 S2 can be used as the left, centre, right and rear-channel rear speakers in a discreet home cinema system. Its configuration includes a 25mm (1in) Carbon Dome tweeter and a 180mm (7in) Continuum cone mid/ bass cone angled to the mounting surface, allowing for easy direction of the whole array towards the listener to ensure they hear the correct balance of sound. That way, dialogue is crystal clear and special effects come across accurately. Thanks to Bowers & Wilkins unique QuickDogsTM fixing method, installation is simple and if preferred, the supplied round grille can be replaced with an optional, square grille.

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Product Name Bowers & Wilkins CCM7.5S2 IN-CEILING SPEAKERS
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The CWM7.3 S2 highlights a coordinated backbox that advances its presentation,

eliminates sound transactions through dividers and furthermore makes it simple to retrofit.

Its plan fuses twin 150mm (6in) Aerofoil profile bass drivers, a 100mm

(4in) Continuum cone FSTTM mid-run driver and a Carbon Dome 25mm (1in)

tweeter, every single demonstrated innovation imparted to the acclaimed 700 Series scope of

amplifiers. These remarkable transducers, when joined with high-caliber,

upgraded, segments on the hybrid and a fundamentally framed confuse developed

from glass fortified ABS, produce a really striking in-divider speaker.

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