bowers & wilkins CT8 LR 3-way closed-box system

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Positioned to the left and right of the screen are two
upstanding speakers. The CT8 LR includes a round
midrange/tweeter head that can be shifted towards
the audience to hold an engaged conveyance, in addition to twin
10" bass units, as in the encompass speaker

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Product Name bowers & wilkins CT8 LR 3-way closed-box system
Product Code CT8LR
MSRP Price 17250.00
Width 12
Height 43
Product Depth 21

For the Custom Venue range we have taken
our improvement of the Nautilus™-determined tubeloaded tweeter a phase further. Following the
same rule as our variation of the midrange
tube (see inverse), we've supplanted the single,
long cylinder with a spin of firmly pressed, more modest
diverts contained in a shallow cup, each of
which retains a part of the undesirable sound
energy from the rear of the stomach. Indeed
at frequencies far past human hearing, this
tweeter sings like a bird.

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