Crestron CLX-4HSW4 4 Channel High-Inrush Switch Module, 4 Feeds, 120V

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Gives four channels of changing to 120 Volt private and business lighting applications. Supports a full scope of high-inrush, non-dimmable lighting loads. Introduces in a CAEN or CAEN-MLO divider mount computerization nook as a component of a total Crestron unified lighting control framework.

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Product NameCrestron CLX-4HSW4 4 Channel High-Inrush Switch Module, 4 Feeds, 120V
Product CodeCLX4HSW4
MSRP Price625.00

The Crestron CLX-4HSW4 is a four-channel, four-feed switch module intended for 120V lighting framework applications. It introduces in a CAEN or CAEN-MLO fenced in area and gives control of non-dimmable lighting loads including LED, radiant, fluorescent, attractive low-voltage, electronic low-voltage, neon/cold cathode, and high-force release. It can likewise be utilized to switch engine loads. Singular feed ability gives four free single-divert switches in a single module space. Each channel is evaluated for 16 Amps, with an absolute module rating of 64 Amps when taken care of from four separate 20 Amp takes care of.

Air-Gap Relays

An air-hole transfer on each channel yield permits singular circuits to be adjusted without incapacitating the whole module.

Quiet Operation

Low-support convection cooling with curiously large heatsinks manages quiet activity with no mechanical segments to wear out.

Incorporated Lighting Cabinet Installation

Crestron CLX arrangement lighting control modules are intended to be introduced in a CAEN or CAEN-MLO divider mount fenced in area. Accessible in an assortment of sizes, CAEN and CAEN-MLO fenced in areas give an adaptable, high-thickness concentrated lighting control answer for any-sized living arrangement or business office. A choice of CLX module types is offered to oblige a wide scope of burden types and framework arrangements.

End of high-voltage wiring to the CLX-4HSW4 module is encouraged utilizing a CLT-4HSW4 terminal square, which is sold independently to empower end of the wiring preceding introducing the module. This terminal square mounts close to the module inside the walled in area. Low-voltage control signals are transported between every one of the modules inside a walled in area by means of a straightforward 5-wire connect (interconnect jumpers included), which ends to a solitary terminal square (model CAEN-BLOCK, sold independently) at the base of the nook.

Cresnet® Communications

The CLX-4HSW4 interfaces with a Crestron control framework (a.k.a., control processor or computerization processor) by means of Cresnet. Cresnet is a basic 4-wire arrange transport that gives the correspondences spine to an arrangement of Crestron lighting dimmers, switches, keypads, shades, indoor regulators, and different gadgets.

Crisis Lighting Control

The CLX-4HSW4 is UL® 924 and CSA® C22.2 No. 141-15 recorded for use in controlling crisis lighting loads. In case of a force disappointment, a contact conclusion from a force misfortune sensor (Crestron GLS-PLS-120/277, sold independently) enacts the supersede mode in the CLX-4HSW4 to turn on each assigned lighting load in the event that it is off (expecting line influence is provided by a reinforcement influence source).

Key Features

Four-channel high-inrush switch module for private and business lighting applications

Introduces in a Crestron® CAEN or CAEN-MLO fenced in area

Supports on/off exchanging of LED, brilliant, fluorescent, attractive low-voltage, electronic low-voltage, neon/cold cathode, and high-power release lighting loads

Likewise bolsters on/off exchanging of 1/2 HP engine loads

Singular feed inputs per channel

Appraised 16 Amps for each channel, 64 Amps all out (utilizing four 20 Amp takes care of), at 120 Volts AC

Worked in air hole transfer per channel

Convection cooled for quiet activity

Conclusion initiated supersede mode

UL® 924 and CSA® C22.2 No. 141-15 recorded for crisis lighting control

Crestron framework mix through Cresnet®

Simple end utilizing a CLT-4HSW4 terminal square (sold independently)

CEC Title 24 2013 agreeable

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