Crestron TT100BT Connect It™ Cable Caddy w/120V, No Cables, Black

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Crestron Connect It™ offers a practical, easy to-utilize introduction arrangement that gives network, link the executives, and one-contact control, across the board snappy tabletop gadget that is surprisingly simple to introduce. Utilizing a Crestron Connect It Cable Caddy (TT-100 Series), anybody can undoubtedly associate their PC, tablet, or cell phone gadget and immediately begin introducing. Numerous link caddies can be conveyed over any measured table to empower regular, free-streaming coordinated effort among a few members in a group room, meeting room, committee chamber, or preparing lab. Basic one-contact control at each link caddy makes flipping between sources easy.

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Product Name Crestron TT100BT Connect It™ Cable Caddy w/120V, No Cables, Black
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A cost-effective, simple to use tabletop presentation interface offering connectivity and one-touch control in a compact, stylish device that's easy to install. 

Crestron Connect It™ offers a cost-effective, simple-to-use presentation solution that provides connectivity, cable management, and one-touch control, all in one stylish tabletop device that's remarkably easy to install. Using a Crestron Connect It Cable Caddy (TT-100 Series), anyone can easily connect their laptop, tablet, or smartphone device and instantly start presenting. Multiple cable caddies can be deployed across any sized table to enable natural, free-flowing collaboration amongst several participants in a huddle room, conference room, council chamber, or training lab. Simple one-touch control at each cable caddy makes toggling between sources effortless.

Four Crestron Connect It Cable Caddy models are available:

  • TT-100 - Includes a 120 Volt outlet and space for four customer-supplied cables
  • TT-101 - Includes a 120 Volt outlet plus HDMI®, VGA, Audio, and Ethernet cables
  • TT-110 - Provides space for four customer-supplied cables; no outlet
  • TT-111 - Includes HDMI, VGA, Audio, and Ethernet cables; no outlet

Connect to Present, Tap to Switch
Starting a presentation and switching between presenters is incredibly easy and intuitive. To begin, simply connect a source and the room display automatically turns on and displays that source. With a simple tap of the finger, any other presenter can take over the presentation at any time via a pair of soft-touch capacitive buttons, conveniently positioned for left or right hand access. Multi-colored lights surrounding each button clearly indicate when a source is connected and ready, and when that source is being displayed.

A Personal Connection
Stowed neatly within its recessed storage compartment, the Crestron Connect It Cable Caddy provides four easy pull-out interface cables for HDMI, VGA, Audio, and Ethernet. Custom cables can also be accommodated, and select models include a single AC power outlet.

The "Hole" Thing
Mounting the cable caddy device requires just a 4 inch (102 mm) round hole through the tabletop surface. The device is secured in place with a single twist-on locking ring, which features three lock-down screws to prevent the device from coming loose.

The Whole Package
A complete Crestron Connect It collaboration solution is incredibly easy to specify and install. A single presentation switcher mounts conveniently under the table to enable automatic switching for up to four TT-100 series cable caddies. It can also provide control and connectivity for the room’s display device along with a host of other features and functions, all without requiring any custom programming. Three presentation switcher options are available including the HD-MD8X1-4K 4K Scaling Presentation Switcher, the DM-MD8X1-4K-C 4K Scaling Presentation Switcher w/HDBaseT® Output, and the DMPS3-4K-150-C 3-Series® 4K DigitalMedia™ Presentation System 150. Just add a Crestron® sound bar (CCS-SPK-SB-100), or an MP-AMP30 or MP-AMP40 amplifier with Saros® speakers for a total huddle room collaboration solution.[1]

Other system configurations are possible using any Crestron DMPS3 system or DigitalMedia switcher. Integration with a Crestron Control System is enabled directly via Cresnet®, or through a DM 8G+® transmitter via USB. A DM 8G+ transmitter offers a long-distance, single-wire interface with auto-switching inputs for a single TT-100 series cable caddy. 

Key Features
  • Simple-to-use tabletop presentation interface
  • Stylish, unimposing design
  • Simple one-touch toggling between multiple presenters
  • Soft-touch capacitive buttons with multicolored status indicators
  • Convenient left or right hand access
  • Recessed cable storage compartment
  • Available with or without cables
  • Optional 120 Volt AC power outlet
  • 4K and Ultra HD compatible
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Available in black or gray textured
  • Integrates with DigitalMedia™ and other systems
  • Complete system solutions available with no programming required
  1. Item(s) sold separately.
  2. Compatible DM 8G+ Transmitters include the DM-TX-4K-202-CDM-TX-4K-302-CDM-TX-401-C, and DM-TX-201-C, all sold separately.
  3. The DM-TX-201-C does not have a USB host port. It has a USB device port, which does not supply USB power. When connected to a DM-TX-201-C, the cable caddy must be powered through a connection to a Cresnet network or power supply. The PW-2407RU 18 Watt Cresnet Power Supply (sold separately) is available to power multiple cable caddies.

For a complete Crestron Connect It™ collaboration system solution, please see the DMPS3-4K-150-C DigitalMedia™ Presentation System, and the DM-MD8X1-4K-C and HD-MD8X1-4K Presentation Switchers.

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