DynAudio Audience 122 CMPL Two-Way Center Channel Speaker

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Product Name DynAudio Audience 122 CMPL Two-Way Center Channel Speaker
Marketplace_Price $850.00
Product Code AUDIENCE122CMPL
MSRP Price 850.00

The Audience 122C Center is the bigger of the middle direct contributions in the Audience run, intended for even situating above or underneath the video screen.

The 122C renders both music and film exchange with exact exactness and unequaled lucidity and elements.

It is likewise attractively protected to guarantee that video execution won't be influenced.

Outrageous consideration was taken to guarantee the 122C's capacity to achieve precisely controlled scattering with legitimate stature and profundity to the soundstage.

The net outcome is the speaker's capacity to imitate an extended listening zone that bears magnificent sound quality to all watchers, paying little mind to where they are situated inside the room.

While it depends on the specific driver supplement found in the model 122 floors tander, it offers an apparent character that empowers it to be completely coordinated with any mix of Audience models in any multi-channel application.

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