Isoacoustics Aperta SUB

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We are permanently set up to get bass rhythms more than different tones, and low bass frequencies permit the audience to feel a profound timed association with their #1 music or films.

With an enormous driver delivering low frequencies, the subwoofer makes a lot of energy that can energize the supporting surface, obstruct other sound parts and pester your neighbors.

The Aperta Sub gives a serious level of segregation and tidies up the sloppy low recurrence sound, bringing about more tight bass reaction and more prominent lucidity. The exceptional protected isolators are directional and are intended to be situated with the logo looking ahead, to oppose sidelong diversion and motions, for more noteworthy precision and concentration.

The Aperta Sub is an unquestionable requirement for home theater sweethearts, HiFi devotees, and bass addicts of any age and is particularly useful for the people who live in lofts or condominiums.

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Product Name Isoacoustics Aperta SUB
MSRP Price 149.99
Width 10.5
Height 11.5
Product Depth 1.3

With an etched aluminum outline and licensed IsoAcoustics coordinated isolators, the Aperta Sub presents another norm in acoustic segregation for subwoofers. The Aperta Sub decouples the subwoofers from the supporting surface to forestall the actual exchange of energy that invigorates the supporting surface, causes room clatter and upsets your neighbors. The protected IsoAcoustics seclusion likewise keeps the subwoofer vibrations from considering the supporting surface and being directed back up the subwoofer bureau. Dealing with these reflections wipes out sloppy bass smear and uncovers more prominent clearness and definition.
The Aperta Sub has a position of safety plan at 10.5" (265mm) wide x 11.5" (290mm) profundity x 1.3" (33mm) level and is intended to be utilized with front terminating and side-terminating subwoofers that gauge up to 80 lbs (36.3 kg). Inventive shape permits the Aperta Sub to be situated straightforwardly under the subwoofer bureau without impedance with the current subwoofer feet.

Cover plates are incorporated with the Aperta Sub for use on covered surfaces. The rug circles give major areas of strength for a through the rug to give a strong groundwork to the Aperta Sub.

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