James Loudspeaker EMB10 10" Front Firing Subwoofer

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EMB10 highlights (1) 10" Internal Active Driver and (1) 10" EMB Passive Radiator. Fixed non-resounding aluminum fenced-in area, coordinating aluminum grille. Standard completions incorporate Satin Black or Gloss White.

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Product Name James Loudspeaker EMB10 10" Front Firing Subwoofer
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Product Code EMB10DFBLK
MSRP Price 1800.00

The latest entry into the EMB II Subwoofer series features a very contemporary cabinet design and a size that isn’t obtrusive, which will help blend into the palette of most designers.

Built from solid aluminum and powder coated to a fine finish, the exquisite craftsmanship of this powerful subwoofer exudes luxury performance.

Internally the EMB10 utilizes our famous “Energy Multiplying Bandpass” technology to obtain high output and low distortion from a very compact enclosure.

Inside the cabinet features a specially designed 10” woofer and pneumatically phase coupled radiator, with aluminum cones and rubber surrounds.

The EMB10 subwoofer has been tuned to perform beyond 35Hz, (which is predominantly where most recorded bass frequencies tend to occur) all the way down to 20Hz!

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