James Loudspeakers EMB15DFM4 15" Down-Firing Marine Subwoofer

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The EMB15DFM is manufactured difficult to withstand the extraordinary climate, securing segments with fixed airplane aluminum walled in areas, powder covering, aluminum developed vaults, elastic encompasses, and marine evaluation equipment.

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Product Name James Loudspeakers EMB15DFM4 15" Down-Firing Marine Subwoofer
Marketplace_Price $3,700.00
Product Code EMB15DFM4
MSRP Price 3700.00

One of the numerous accessible alternatives in the EMB II Subwoofer arrangement includes a contemporary down-terminating bureau structure and a size that isn't prominent. Worked from strong aluminum and powder covered to a fine completion, the dazzling craftsmanship of this amazing subwoofer radiates extravagance and execution.

Inside, the EMB15DFM4 uses a fixed plan with a James 15" high outing woofer with a protected double hole magnet engine for high yield and low mutilation. An aluminum cone, Santoprene™ half-move encompass, and cast aluminum outline guarantee the framework is prepared for outside and marine applications. The EMB15DFM subwoofer has been tuned to perform past 35Hz, (which is prevalently where most recorded bass frequencies will in general happen) right down to 18Hz!

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