JL Audio E110 Acoustic Suspension Powered Subwoofer 1200W

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Applying a progression of our key advancements, E-Sub controlled subwoofers convey remarkable sound quality, force and incentive in a wide scope of requesting applications

E-Sub drivers utilize our selective DMA innovation to streamline the drivers' engine quality, guaranteeing straight conduct over an extremely long trip run. Not at all like common consistent state demonstrating frameworks, DMA considers the dynamic movements made by current stream and back EMF under genuine force conditions, with genuine program material. The result offered by DMA advancement is a driver that loyally tracks its information signal, at all listening levels, prompting prevalent bass definition and elements.

The outrageous mounting profundity of the E-Sub driver is conscious. It allows wide holes to exist between the three suspension components (the elastic encompass and the double creepy crawlies), giving excellent mechanical strength over the driver's full trip extend. This further improves linearity, decreases contortion and upgrades long haul dependability. In a stroke of building tastefulness, the E-Sub's steel front mounting spine frames the whole front confound of the completed item, while the driver's back-plate is strung and rushed to the back mass of its nook for help.

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Product Name JL Audio E110 Acoustic Suspension Powered Subwoofer 1200W
Product Code E110ASH
MSRP Price 1900.00
Manufacturer JL AUDIO
To control these inventive drivers, we built a totally new exchanging enhancer with a managed, exchanging power flexibly, making its frame more reduced, lightweight and productive, while as yet conveying sufficient, clean capacity to completely practice the E-Sub driver's presentation envelope. 
Helpfully controlled from the E-Sub bureau's top board, the speaker fuses studio-grade signal handling to make modifications a considerably more agreeable experience than back mounted controls found on most fueled subwoofers. An appealing spread covers up and secures the controls during typical use. 
The list of capabilities has been intended to permit the utilization of E-Subs in a wide scope of uses, from full home theater frameworks to committed two-channel music frameworks, to work area sound workstations. Simple sources of info are accommodated uneven line-level signs or speaker level signs. Devoted line yields are incorporated to make a bi-amped framework course of action with no extra equipment required. Valuable in battling ground-related clamor issues, a back board switch designs the line level contributions as grounded or detached. 
The E-Sub's dynamic hybrid is a genuine two-way, fourth request Linkwitz-Riley plan, with a low-pass channel taking care of the subwoofer's intensifier and a high-pass separated sign leaving its line yields. When the on-board hybrid is crushed, as is regular in a home theater establishment, the line yields convey a go through, cushioned sign indistinguishable from its line inputs, effectively allowing numerous E-Subs to be interconnected in a 'daisy-chain' game plan. Switchable extremity and a completely factor eliminate control round the sign preparing segment. All sign handling is acted in the simple area, guaranteeing low dormancy in basic applications. 
Exactness worked in JL Audio's U.S. plant, all E-Sub are exclusively execution checked and tried to convey long periods of listening satisfaction in your home sound or home theater framework.
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