JL Audio Fathom F110V2 10-inch Powered Subwoofer, Black Gloss Finish

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Powered Subwoofer with 10-inch Subwoofer, 1100 watts

The Fathom f110v2 is the most reduced subwoofer in the Fathom arrangement however is completely fit for conveying heavenly execution in littler spaces. The blend of a super long toss W7 10-inch driver and an amazing exchanging intensifier give it the sort of yield ordinarily connected with far bigger subwoofer frameworks.

Since it is worked with a similar driver and enhancer innovation as our lead Gotham®, the f110v2 conveys a gigantic degree of sound quality. Low mutilation, great powerful abilities and incredibly profound bass augmentation will permit you to encounter all the energy of the most requesting realistic material, while additionally having the option to imitate all the subtlety and surface of your most fragile melodic material.

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Product Name JL Audio Fathom F110V2 10-inch Powered Subwoofer, Black Gloss Finish
Marketplace_Price $4,000.00
Product Code F110V2GLOSS
MSRP Price 4000.00
Manufacturer JL AUDIO
Special Features Subwoofer
Width 12.92
Height 15.64
Product Depth 17.27

JL Audio's selective D.A.R.O. innovation utilizes an amazing on-board DSP to naturally improve the subwoofer's in-room recurrence reaction. This prompts a brilliant listening experience, regardless of where the subwoofer is put.

In ordinary listening spaces, subwoofer and audience position profoundly affect the exactness of low-recurrence proliferation. While we generally suggest that you place your subwoofers in great sounding areas, we realize that these frequently can be unrealistic areas. In reality, subwoofer situation quite often includes a trade off between sonic execution, common sense and feel.

To confront this quandary head on, JL Audio subwoofer frameworks join a smart bit of innovation called Digital Automatic Room Optimization (D.A.R.O.). The D.A.R.O. framework self-produces a progression of alignment tones, quantifies the recurrence reaction at the listening position, and naturally designs a 18-band, 1/6 octave equalizer for a level final product. The framework adequately takes into account smooth, even sub-bass from an assortment of areas that would have been not exactly ideal without D.A.R.O.

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