Krell DVD Standard SACD DVD-Video Player

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SKU Krell DVD Standard SACD DVD-Video Player

The Krell DVD Standard sets the performance benchmark for video and audio from the DVD platform, starting with a unique Krell designed power supply and ending with professional-grade video circuitry. The DVD Standard delivers a picture that is vivid, detailed, and free from noise. A dual-laser, intelligent drive with a resident command set guarantees seamless operation while a robust, internal disc clamp provides stability and near error-free disc reading.

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Product Name Krell DVD Standard SACD DVD-Video Player
MSRP Price 8000
Manufacturer KRELL

DVD Standard DVD player 
Video outputs: interlaced composite, S-video, component (RCA), progressive component (RCA), RGB+H/V (BNC), DB-15 (selectable component or RGB), NTSC/PAL selectable 
Audio outputs: coaxial, optical, 1 pair stereo analog (RCA), 1 pair stereo balanced (XLR) 
Control ports: RS-232 & RC-5 remote-control inputs, 12V AC out 
Dimensions: 17.25" x 5.65" x 16.45" (WxHxD) 
Weight: 19.25 lbs

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