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Meridian’s G Series line of high performance digital & analogue consumer audio components feature a stylish cabinet design in traditional black or a sleek silver fi nish. Designed to be either free-standing or rackmounted, G Series components build on their predecessors, the multi-award-winning 500 and our fl agship 800 Series, and include entirely new circuitry developed specifi cally for the G Series. Multi-layer boards reduce system noise and improve performance. In products which include video capabilities, broadcast-quality, widebandwidth video components are employed for maximum image integrity. G Series units are easy to use. Where appropriate, a knob is included to control volume. The positive-action front-panel keys are softwaredefi ned: their legends are presented in the vacuum fl uorescent display and change intelligently according to context.

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Product Name Meridian DVD-Audio Transport
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The G98DH DVD Transport is an ideal source for, and with the G68 Digital Surround Controller forms the basis of, a stunning Meridian Digital Theatre system. The units are shown here connected to a pair of Meridian’s top-of-the-line DSP8000 speakers for left and right, coupled with a pair of DSP420 in-walls for the surrounds (not to scale) and a DSP5500HC for the centre front channel. Any kind of video display device can be supported, whether composite, S-Video, Component (progressive or interlaced) or even the latest interfaces such as HDMI or DVI. Different video inputs are converted to all formats, so there is only need for one display connection.

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