MM860V2 Pro Automated Drop-Down & Swivel TV Mount

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Product Name MM860V2 Pro Automated Drop-Down & Swivel TV Mount
Product Code MM860V2
MSRP Price 2999.00
Manufacturer MODIA

MantelMount presents a motorized mount for high on the wall installations such as over a fireplace. The MM860V2 automatically lowers and swivels a TV into the perfect position for the best picture quality the most comfortable eye-level viewing. And now, the MM860v2 features built-in Wi-Fi for those times when hardwired Ethernet is not available.

Also, we’ve added enhanced post-installation leveling features that make it easier than ever to make adjustments to accommodate differences in weight distribution among various televisions. The MM860v2 is the ideal solution for upscale installations and is a superior home automation solution that works with all popular automation control systems.

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