Origin Acoustic Landscape™ AS41 Hi-Fi Landscape Audio System

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The Acoustic Landscape™ AS41 System by Origin Acoustics changes any lawn into an open-air sound desert spring with four 4" plantable speakers and an 8" internment subwoofer for an expanded bass reaction. Remaining totally covered up in lovely nursery greenery, the AS41 System is more modern in both sound and style than your normal stone or yard speakers.

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Product Name Origin Acoustic Landscape™ AS41 Hi-Fi Landscape Audio System
Marketplace_Price $2,000.00
Product Code AS41SYS
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Not at all like conventional outside bureau and rock speakers, the Acoustic Landscape™ AS41 coordinates sound inwards towards the listening territory, making heaven of sound that goes unnoticed by neighbors. The cover weatherproof covering jelly the stylish of encompassing scene foliage and keeps the framework performing without blemish in extraordinary climate conditions.

Underground Bass

The 8" double voice-curl A8SUB subwoofer gives a rich beat of full bass over the yard through a cover tuned port. Implanted legitimately into rock and soil, the sub conveys mind-boggling bass while going unnoticed to the eye.

High Fidelity Sound Outdoors

Structured with full 4" polypropylene woofers and separate PEI tweeters, the plantable speakers convey sound with extraordinary clearness and melodic detail.

Basic Installation with Seamless Integration

The Acoustic Landscape™ framework can be arranged and running surprisingly fast with only a standard beneficiary or enhancer with two accessible channels and nearly four transmitter wire. Once introduced, it protects the common magnificence of its environmental factors while conveying a rich and even sonic exhibition.

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