REGA LABS Planar 2 Turntable

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The RB220 tonearm is loaded with earth shattering new highlights intended to upgrade execution and make arrangement very basic. The RB220 integrates Rega planned super low rubbing direction (Patent Forthcoming), housed inside a fresh out of the plastic new, stiffer and lightweight bearing lodging. This was created with new refreshed movable inclination (as of Harvest time 2020) permitting more prominent adaptability and similarity with a large number of cartridges The new lodging likewise incorporates a coordinated arm clasp and uses Rega's most recent custom aluminum arm tube.

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Product Name REGA LABS Planar 2 Turntable
Manufacturer Samsung
Width 17.5
Height 4.6
Product Depth 14.17

The Planar 2 was created more than two years close by the most recent Planar 3. Including the RB220 tonearm, another 24 V, low commotion engine, acrylic reflexive covered plinth, recently planned focal bearing thus considerably more. Each component of this imaginative new turntable is intended to remove the greatest measure of data and detail from your vinyl assortment.

NEW: The staggering new pecan impact finish was presented in November 2022. The Pecan impact Planar 2 is provided with the smoked dustcover as standard (different completions are provided with the reasonable dustcover).

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