Rega Planar 8 Turntable

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The Planar 8 was motivated by a definitive Rega turntable, the 'Naiad'. We chose right off the bat that rather than an advancement of the past RP8, the new Planar 8 was to be created and designed to embody the quintessence of 'Naiad' at a reasonable cost. Our point was to convey a degree of execution a long ways past what has been accomplished at this sticker cost previously.

Kindly note: The Planar 8 will currently deliver with new look NEO MK2 power supply as standard.

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Marketplace_Price $4,145.00
Product Name Rega Planar 8 Turntable
Product Code PLANAR8ANIA
MSRP Price 4145.00
Manufacturer Rega
Width 16.5
Height 4.9
Product Depth 12.4

Each part of the Planar 8 is designed to remove however much detail from the vinyl surface as could be expected. We have utilized the most progressive materials and designing arrangements worked around a remarkably lightweight plinth to guarantee the best degree of execution. The Planar 8 is provided with the new RB880 tonearm and Neo PSU as standard which offers electronic speed change, high level enemy of vibration control and client customizable electronic fine speed acclimation to guarantee all out precision and command over the engine. The external edge of the past model has now been taken out and another trendy, removable, single piece dustcover has been presented further lessening the general mass of the turntable.

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