Rockustics Rockolythgray Outdoor Speaker System

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Product Name Rockustics Rockolythgray Outdoor Speaker System
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Rockustics Rockolyth Dual 8″ Rock Speaker  custom outside speakers. Rockustics was conceded a US patent in 1987. Their thought has consistently been to make the world's best outside speakers. Rockustics is as yet the main producer of open air speakers today. The etched grille openings in the speaker faces are exceptionally intended to present to you a straightforward acoustic way that makes Rockustics the best speakers available. look at them for yourself and experience a Rockustics speaker at Sound Ethics today! Rockustics speakers are gladly made in the USA

Rockustics Rockolyth Dual 8″ Rock Speaker build as a ported stone bureau highlighting inconspicuous "Southwest-Style" petroglyphs has two 8″, 100 watt drivers and one 1″ vault tweeter. Brings high-constancy sound to huge indoor and open air settings.

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