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The RCX-1500 CD player is the most flexible segment we've ever advertised. Despite the fact that it is an "across the board" model, bargain isn't essential for the plan. Indeed, the RCX-1500 has been built utilizing segments that you would discover in more costly isolates. The DAC is the elite Wolfson with 24-cycle/192kHz translating. The enhancer utilizes our creative Class D plan that is exceptionally effective, runs cooler than more seasoned Class AB plans and gives a lot of voltage and flow to effortlessly drive let impedance speakers down to 4 ohms.

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Product Name Rotel RCX-1500 STEREO RECEIVER
Marketplace_Price $1,500.00
Product Code RCX1500S
MSRP Price 1500.00
Dolby Surround No
Built-in Bluetooth No
Dynamic EQ No
Dynamic Volume No

With 100 Watts for every channel accessible, don't hesitate to attach huge floor-standing amplifiers to the RCX-1500. The RCX-1500 is likewise a top notch CD player, in view of our exceptional RCD-1520. A front board USB contribution for direct advanced association of an iPod or other USB class 2 gadgets is given, as well.

The collector's tuner segment incorporates both earthbound FM and Internet radio, in addition to admittance to premium music services* like Pandora, so your listening alternatives are basically boundless! There are directly more than 15,000 Internet radio broadcasts recorded. What's more, so as to help keep your preferred stations convenient, the RCX-1500 incorporates 30 potential presets for prompt admittance to both FM and Internet broadcasts.The RCX-1500 backings both wired and WiFi Ethernet associations.

The RCX-1500, similar to the RDG-1520, underpins UPnP innovation and has been streamlined for use with Windows Media Player 11 and 12. UPnP gadgets are "attachment and-play" in that when associated with an organization they naturally declare their organization address and upheld gadget and administrations types, empowering customers that perceive those sorts to quickly start utilizing the gadget. Upheld codecs incorporate RealAudio®, WMA, MP3, AAC and AAC+ (non DRM), AU, WAV and AIFF.

As though all that isn't sufficient, a RS-232 port gives framework control and bi-directional input. The RCX-1500 is without question, one of the most adaptable, superior, single suspension sound system segments accessible today. It might be the main sound system part you will require.

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