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The purpose of today's high-end home theater systems is to recreate the look and sound of the movie theater. This includes the vivid detail and seamless coherence of the film frame. A crucial technology for achieving this goal is DVDVideo playback with progressive scanning, "480P" output. This works with the many of today's "HD capable" and "HD monitor" televisions, which offer 480P inputs. For example, Sony markets this capability as the Hi-Scan 1080i™ chassis. In this context, 480P outputs have been promoted as a must-have feature in high-end DVD players. However, there continue to be important differences in how DVD players generate the 480P signal. The DVP-NS999ES was the first to incorporate Sony's Precision Cinema Progressive system, a comprehensive approach that incorporates two significant circuits to deliver a picture that comes closer than ever to the original movie theater experience.

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Film originated material. For footage originally shot on 24-frames per second film or film-like 24-frame progressive video, the Sony system automatically and flawlessly detects the 3-2 cadence and performs full 3-2 reverse conversion. Mismatched film frames are never "force-fit" into a single video frame. The system adds no motion blurring. You'll enjoy twice the vertical resolution of conventional interlace video, for an experience that's less like watching television and more like watching film. • Film originated material on a DVD-R/RW or DVD+R/RW. DVD recorders complicate the I/P conversion processes, because these recorders capture everything as interlaced video. That means movies, even if they were originally shot on film, are recorded as 30 frames per second interlaced, not 24 frames per second progressive. There are no First Field Repeat Flags (FFRFs), leaving many DVD players unable to guess at the original frame structure. In this case, conventional 3-2 reverse conversion will not work, but Sony's Pixel-by-Pixel Active I/P conversion will. Thanks to built-in motion detection, the Sony system does not depend on FFRFs. So you get accurate reproduction on DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW discs. • Film material intercut with interlaced video material. Sony's Pixel-byPixel Active I/P conversion applies appropriate processing for film elements and video elements, even when they alternate in rapid-fire sequence, as they might during the "making of" documentary on a movie DVD.

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