Sony Premium ES 13.2 CH 8K A/V Receiver

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ES Audio/Video Receiver: The heart of integration

Elevate your home theater standards with Sony’s first 13.2 CH 8K A/V Receiver featuring renowned ES quality.1 Designed for integrators with optimized configurability, flexible connectivity, and advanced IP control for leading control systems. The STR-AZ7000ES is the total package for audio/visual performance and installation friendly features.

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Product Name Sony Premium ES 13.2 CH 8K A/V Receiver
Product Code STRAZ7000ES
MSRP Price 3299.99
Manufacturer Sony


  • Elevated sound quality and powerful amplification that meets ES standards

    With 150 watts, the STR-AZ7000ES delivers cinema-like surround sound and crystal-clear music reproduction with powerful amplification.2


  • 8K & 4K/120 HDMI Connectivity

    Enjoy the latest HDMI technology with support for 8K & 4K/120 video sources.1, 4 Equipped with four 8K HDMI inputs and two outputs the STR-AZ7000ES is capable of delivering the most stunning picture quality and amazing clarity.3

  • Support for the most advanced object-based audio formats

    With support for Dolby Atmos®, Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization, DTS:X®, and DTS Virtual: X, the STR-AZ7000ES delivers a truly elevated object-based surround-sound experience.

  • 360 Spatial Sound Mapping

    Experience true immersion. Sony’s exclusive 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology reproduces a physical sound field that can adapt to your environment and create an experience that feels like a movie theatre or concert hall.13

  • Digital Cinema Auto Calibration IX

    A new technology developed by Sony, Digital Cinema Auto Calibration IX precisely corrects the distance, angle, sound pressure, and frequency response of each speaker that’s connected to the STR-AZ7000ES to create the ideal sound field for any home theater setup.



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