Super Lumina Interconnects High-end Interconnects

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The Super Lumina interconnects include a high level adaptation of Naim Sound's licensed Air-Attachment innovation previously presented for the Howdy Line. All Clamor and XLR connectors utilize the Air-Fitting connector which is planned as a decoupling gadget to limit microphonic obstruction and protect the honesty of the sound sign.

The new Super Lumina Air-Fitting elements numerous singular aluminum rings which structure the back of the connector. These are in a bad way together to frame an articulating segment which represses the entry of undesirable energy, the decision of aluminum as a material upgrades this cycle. The connector pins on Racket ended links likewise float inside their attachments, stretching out the decoupling impact right to where the sign enters the item.

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During the improvement of Proclamation, our lead intensification framework, our specialists understood that they would have to plan an entirely different scope of elite execution links for it to arrive at its actual potential.

Considering this they started an improvement task to configuration interconnects and speaker link that would satisfy Proclamation guidelines of execution. Through a profound comprehension of material science and following very long time testing in the listening room, the Super Lumina range was conceived.

Intended to boost the exhibition of Proclamation however similarly at home in 500 Series and Exemplary Series frameworks, Super Lumina pre to control amp interconnects are accessible with Racket to XLR, and XLR to XLR terminations. Super Lumina source to preamplifier interconnects are accessible with Clamor to Racket, Noise to RCA, RCA to RCA and RCA to XLR connectors.

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