Universal Remote / Wireless Touch Panels

You can have the car of your dreams, but if you don?t know how to drive it, what good is it? Likewise, if you have a great home theater and don?t know which of the six remotes to pick up first... well, you get the idea. The home theater industry has evolved in the past fifteen years. But with advancement has come exponentially greater degrees of complexity. At MODIA, we know that a great theater, TV, or sound system is not complete if it is not easy to use. One of our specialties, at MODIA, is the universal remote or control system. This can be a small handheld remote or a high resolution touch-screen. Simply put, it lets you do what you want to do with the touch of a button. Watch a movie? Press the Movie button. Watch TV? Press the TV button. Our goal is not only to give you a great entertainment system but to also let you enjoy it by taking away the complexity.