House Audio

We have to give kudos to the iPod for rejuvenating America’s passion for music. We have rediscovered our once love through modern convenience. But why should you be tethered to your iPod when you want to enjoy music in your home? Short answer, you don’t. Fortunately, there has been a revolution in the home electronics industry. Imagine if you will, the kids pumping out Miley in their bedroom while you relax to Miles in the living room. Now imagine doing it without a stack of electronics in each room.

Distributed audio systems allow you to play music throughout your home with the major components hidden in a central location. All you need in each room is a pair a speakers and control device like a keypad or touch-screen. In that central location you can incorporate your iPod, a music server, satellite radio, and a number of other devices, all of which are accessible from any number of rooms in your home. These systems have become so sophisticated that you can even see a list of the music from your iPod or music server on the control device in each room. The options with these systems are dizzying! So you can see why you might need an expert to guide you through the steps. We are that expert. MODIA, viva la revolucion!

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Credit: eHowTech