There is no denying that we have become an electronic media centric culture. More and more we look to electronic media to entertain us and tickle our senses. It may be a broadcast sporting event, your favorite TV show, a film that engages you, or the music that moves you. These things are our emotional outlet, our catharsis. The core element to that emotional release is sound. Sound elicits emotional response in ways few other sensory experiences do. Without sound, the entertainment experience would not be complete. No surprise then that the conduit for sound in an electronic entertainment system is the speaker. Whether it is house wide audio, a high quality stereo system, or a high performance theater, the speaker is the heart of our emotional connection to our media.

At MODIA, we have scoured the industry to bring you the best and most highly sought after speakers for your home. From a simple speaker that recesses into your ceiling or wall to stylish cutting-edge speaker designs and high-performance, reference grade speakers.

How to Set up a 5.1 Home Theater Speaker

Credit: Audioholics